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▲Красивая подача овощных нарезок▲ - Простые рецепты Овкусе.ру

I would use fennel instead of onion, Then drizzle reduced balsamic and herbs in a circular motion. Or leave the onions and do a reduced chipotle honey.


Caprese salad tray idea with red and yellow tomatoes By Party Round Green Call Danilo 335 6815268 www.

Красивое оформление овощных нарезок / Простые рецепты


Красивое оформление овощных нарезок / Простые рецепты

Розочки из помидоров | Рецепты моей мамы


vegetable bouquet | Aml’s vegetable bouquet | Anne Kleinberg

There are some pretty intricate vegetable arrangements on here! Wonderful And Inspiring Vegetable Bouquets

Sandwich Cake - Inspiration Pic

Tomato flowers, parsley leaves and green onion boarder, a savory cheesecake

Looks Yummy

Now, this isnt a recipe but Ive always found it funny that when I bring my own fruit to class that I cut up, EVERYONE wants it. People need to realize it takes 5 minutes to chop fruit up as a snack and its much healthier than eating junk food!

▲Красивая подача овощных нарезок▲

оформление блюд

What a stunning work of art! I just love the way they have created a masterpiece out of vegetables. These platters would look wonderful at any celebration or even a summer wedding.