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hahaha oh wow

Ok blowjobs aside it actually does work and I will be using for taking my meds now (I always struggled with gagging on them)

17 Little Things To Try If You're Bored Right Now

17 Things You Need To Try Right Now

you will always be stupid

you will always be stupid

When the laws of grammar weren’t enough to get in the way of a meaningful text post. 21 Of The Most Facepalm Things That Ever Happened

HSM Tumblr Compilation

HSM Tumblr Compilation

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Accurate. Tumblr is all these things.

That last one is so unfortunately accurate. Like, my friends will joke about murder and I'll carefully explain how to properly execute it and they'll just be like 😳

I, too, am stoked as hell. *shoves list in back pocket*

These sound like slightly updated Shakespearean insults, lol

Their Real Names (click the pic see all of them) IM RELATED TO MARILYNN MONROE!!!

Funny pictures about Their Real Names. Oh, and cool pics about Their Real Names. Also, Their Real Names photos.

That's one way to make sure no one gets an allergic reaction - Funni Pic - Funny Pictures - Humour