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I have like freakin' spasms when I'm tickled, but it can be slightly fun.

Funny pictures about The real definition of Tickling. Oh, and cool pics about The real definition of Tickling. Also, The real definition of Tickling.

completely true

Kraft has been making mac & cheese for how long now? Since 1937 (yep, I just Wikipedia'd it). that's plenty of time for them to invent a true easy-open box. You sit on a throne of lies!

it also helps if you remember your phone in the first place

I Can Relate: Checking your phone to see what time it is, and then checking again because you weren't paying attention the first time. I do this ALL THE TIME!

Or Harry Potter, or Glee, or Disney movies, or Boy Meets World, or FRIENDS...


If I can't quote Mean Girls with you, you dont deserve to be my friend. That is so fetch!

i can relate :-)

hitting your hip on the corner and feeling like you've been shot.it hurts!

hahaha. by jeannie

I know some ppl like this. Lemme catch one of them trying to roast marshmallows on my fire. I'll give them a BIG HUG so we can roast together.

Save Energy

Funny pictures about Save energy. Oh, and cool pics about Save energy. Also, Save energy photos.

ikr and they say, you say everything you're  thinking... oh u thought what i said was bad what i thought was better ;)

Not exactly inspiration, but hell yeah its funny! I do keep opinions to myself LOL