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Doggy sandwiches - so cute I could eat them right up - oh, wait - uhm , yeah

Easter Recipe Roundup

Easter Carrots

Egg Salad Stuffed Carrot Crescents ~ link to instructions on page. I wouldn't use egg salad. maybe ham salad?

Rilakkuma Yakitori

Rilakkuma Yakitori Foodart

日本人のごはん/お弁当/パン Japanese meals/Bento/Bread ついに登場♥ちぎりパンの進化版!『3Dちぎりパン』がすごいんです♡|マシマロ

日本人のごはん/お弁当/パン Japanese meals/Bento/Bread ついに登場♥ちぎりパンの進化版!『3Dちぎりパン』がすごいんです♡|マシマロ

Pretzel Woven Hot Dogs ~ A fun and easy weave of hot dogs and crusty French bread strips.

Pretzel Woven Hot Dogs

Pretzel Woven Hot Dogs -Toasts et verrines - La touche d'Agathe - apéritif…

Party ideas

Kids Meal Idea: Chick Sandwich (Buns, Tamagoyaki Egg Omelet, Boiled Carrot, Nori Seaweeds, Green)|小鳥サンド Maybe with cheese instead of egg?