okay, what the hades jason looks like he's gonna bite his hand off. nico looks just wrong. leo is the only one that actually looks like himself.

We are completely fine. No madness here.<<< Oh my gods Leo's face though, that is the most terrifying thing I've seen from this fandom.

Greek Goddesses: Demeter and Persephone by JadeAriel.deviant... on @deviantART

Greek Goddesses: Demeter and Persephone<<They remind me of Reyna and Hylla (before the pirates took over Circe's island)

Greek God and Goddess: Zeus and Hera by JadeAriel.deviantart.com on @deviantART

King and Queen of the Gods. It was really bugging me, the colours and her hair and just everything, so this will be her . Greek God and Goddess: Zeus and Hera

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What the Percy Jackson Characters Taught me~ Rick Riordan is a great teacher. Books and Reading<< well he is/was a teacher in real life


The Original Trio: Percy Annabeth and Grover the Lost Trio: Piper Jason and Leo Out of Time Trio: Percy Frank and Hazel and the Broken Trio: Annabeth Luke and Thalia

Percy Jackson-- Percy vs. Thalia by Golden-Flute.deviantart.com on @deviantART Comment who you think would win!!!!!

Percy vs Thalia--The Titan's Curse. Tbh I got really annoyed at Thalia during this