Nico my baby

"Nico di Angelo (Percy Jackson Series)" this is also what I think my book character, Sirena Nightwaters looks like.

What if there were no demigods? They were normal and went to a boring… #fanfiction #Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad

Percabeth AU:

Geeky card games

Frank and Nico geeking out, so adorable (Frank Zhang and Nico Di Angelo, The House of Hades) Part

We turned 1,733 pages.... We read 13,954,786 words.... We laughed at the titles of 105 chapters.... We loved all 5 books.... We are the fandom

We laughed at the titles of 105 chapters. We loved all 5 books. We are the fandom. Why are the stupid movie pictures there?

This is how I imaged her. Love it!>>> Thalia really needs more fan art!

So badass. But I need to see some more Thalia/Jason interaction! Coming from an older sister, I want to see harsh, strong Thalia being overprotective of Jason. This is exactly how I picture Thalia.