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Backyard Farming: Ginger-bird house * DIY project to cute, many healthy treats for wild birds, you check with your kids  what birds are local in your area and what treats are good for them, this is a great project for the family #Recipes

"Ginger-bird House" - decorate a gingerbread house for the birds with popcorn, pretzels, peanuts, sunflower seeds, & a colorful variety of bird seed. Great way to feed those winter birds.

Winter Wren--our wonters in Alberta Canada are white with snow and deep snow--not sure these little wonders would survive our cold

A Wren flew into my garden today, I am reminded of Celt bird lore.a Wren is an embodiment of the divine feminine, but was oddly known as the 'king' of birds

Eurasian Jay. As a child I had a collection of the blue/black/white feathers that I found sometimes in the forest.

Eurasian Jay - this birds are amazing: they immitate cats, hawks, machine beeps. When the crows drive the hawk away they join them "trying to help".

Titmouse...these super fast birds are hard to photograph.

Love New England birds. Got into bird watching and this guy is one of my favorites.

Swallow - Zwaluw, made by © Alie Hoogenboezem-de Vries

Swallow - Zwaluw, made by © Alie Hoogenboezem-de Vries