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Das Assad-Regime lässt weiter die furchtbaren Fassbomben auf Aleppo fallen. Zu den Opfern gehören jedesmal Kinder. Dem verletzten Mädchen ist der Horror ins Gesicht geschrieben

Arabische Welt: Terror, Bruderkriege, üble Despoten – Die islamische Tragödie

This girl from Aleppo looks like our Revolution. the details in her sad face, her bloodied body, her tattered veil Everything in her a girl from Aleppo in time of world war on Syria

Newseum: Pulitzer Prize Photographs Gallery

Pulitzer Prize for Spot News Photography Edward T. Adams, Associated Press - For his photograph, "Saigon Execution.


Big bang theory and Walking dead - glen is Sheldon's old roommate! DANG the plot thickens. Mind=blown - My two favorite shows!

i’ve been comprimised   i laughed for about 349583492547252 years

On-duty Police officer gets caught speeding by new mobile speed camera

Assassins Creed III Connor Kenway Cosplay costume, love it

Funny pictures about Assassin’s Creed Jacket. Oh, and cool pics about Assassin’s Creed Jacket. Also, Assassin’s Creed Jacket.