Strange Renaissance Helmets on Parade – What May Lay Beneath (M. Koushik Krishnan)

shain erin

If you have a kid that makes all kind of troubles and you don’t find a perfect gift to chill him out, Shain Erin – Creepy Dolls is the answer.

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When the darknes in us, becomes our mask. and eveything behind this mask slowly dies. In the end, it can become our true face and everything what was good inside of us vanish. only small splinter remain.

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No Flesh

not gna lie, that is pretty ingenious even tho i find some pregnancy pics annoying

Concept Photographer--U.S.-based Christopher McKenney  The figures in McKenney’s photography seem to be trapped between worlds – some are bisected by floating portals, while others exist only covered by ghostly shrouds. And each is a small but poignant piece of art filled with symbolism and meaning that each of us can interpret for ourselves.

The Faceless People In Chris McKenney’s Photos Will Give You Nightmares

The question question scared me more as well .....actually pic didn't scare me much....but the question...

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"I want a episode of doctor who explaining this phenomenon, kinda like the vasta nerada explaining the fear of the dark"