Vogue 1957

Anne St Marie, May Vogue 1957 Wearing a black silk dress printed with giant roses and its little top passes behind a cloud of chiffon, by James Galanos. its beautiful.

1957, love the skirt!  For you younguns, that thing she's holding to her head is an old-school phone!

Vogue 1957 LOVE THIS LOOK Model is wearing a white silk crepe skirt with balloon dots in pinks and oranges and a white silk chiffon shirt, all made from a Vogue pattern. Photo by Horst P.

carmen dell'orefice in fashion photos by richard avedon.  a retrospcetive editorial in harper's bazaar spain may 2011.

1957 The famed Carmen Dell’Orefice, modeling Pierre Cardin’s sacque coat in rose brocade. The unique line flairs stiffly from a wide collar. Photo by Avedon for Harper’s Bazaar

50's rockabilly hair. I love the 50's. We should go back to the hairstyles from then.

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1952. I absolutely love this picture. She's so beautiful and the colors are some of my favorite.

Evelyn Tripp 1952 I can't resist images of pretty vintage dresses. Flowing full skirted styles in swishy fabrics with tiny waists, t.