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"Evil Eye Muse" ~ Fibre-glass mannequin hand primed, painted laquered, hand-made stand/pedestal. ☆ Salvaged mannequin hand "sculptures" painted, assemblage, varnish- Hand Art at Sterlingartz

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"Beneath Thy Wing by Caire Dupray Caire Dupray.הכניסיני תחת כנפך… [ Beneath Thy…

Japanese artist Haroshi creates some truly impressive sculptures out of a very uncommon medium. By taking old, broken, or abandoned skateboards, he repurposes them for his artwork. We've featured his stellar pieces  before  , and now he's back with some more incredible recycled skateboard deck works.

New Spectacular Skateboard Artwork by Haroshi

This is a sculpture by Japanese skateboard sculptor extraordinaire Haroshi : I know this isn't exactly friendly, but hey, this board is on emotions faced by teens who have eczema, likely some eczema flare-up days this 'expression' is felt.

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Surrealistic mixed media sculpture by Jill M. Armstrong, titled "Duet," created in

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Hare Boxing

Bronze Hare Boxing Statue, perfect addition for any garden. Please note the price is for each boxing hare.

Conheça o artista que dá morada aos nossos ancestrais africanos:

Born in the late in Akron, Ohio, Woodrow Nash is the product of sanctified churches and black inner city neighborhood schools run by.

Olga Ziemska created ‘Stillness in Motion’, a body of work that explores the concept of place. Olga was using locally harvested trees that grow native to an area to create a female figure in different countries all around the world. The series is called ‘Matka’ which means mother, a person that is significant to the idea of place, origin and our first physical environment—the womb. This body of work is ultimately a celebration of of the diversity of place and also homage to the…

Stillness in Motion

"Stillness in Motion" sculpture by artist Olga Ziemska. The piece is made of willow branches that have been cut and stacked to create a human figure.

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Japanese artist Haroshi creates sculptures out of recycled skateboards, combining colored pieces of wood together and then carving shapes out of them, resulting in stunning mosaic surfaces with unexpected results!

Sculptures Made of Old Recycled Skateboards By Haroshi 3

The latest creations by Japanese artist Haroshi, and his sculptures made of old recycled skateboards. Hiroshi, avid skateboarder since adolescence, uses broken

sculptures de vieux skateboards par haroshi 13   Sculptures de vieux skateboards par Haroshi    skateboard Sculpture recyclage photo japon i...

Japanese artist Haroshi creates impressive sculptures by recycling old and broken skateboard decks