Ingenious Pringles can design. Solves a problem and looks killer doing it.

Who eats paper chips? This is the conceptual Bloom Chip potato chip container. It may look like a regular-ass Pringles can, but when the paper band is removed, oh boy, it BLOOMS into a shape that makes the chips.

UPACK universal packaging system concept by Patrick Sung.

Concept Design: Universal Packaging System

Designer Patrick Sung came up with the idea of flat sheets of recyclable corrugated cardboard called the Universal Packaging System or UPACKS. Fold & conform to any shape while maintaining structural rigidity and protecting the contents.

lovely gift box for tiny things or special message

Paper House Package How to make paper house package DIY step by step tutorial instruction. It's a very good idea for Christmas gift wrap.


Estos son los 32 empaques más ingeniosos que existen y no podrás creer lo que ves

Smart packaging concept pour butter and marmelade! Useful, with less waste and use of silverware. Really fixes a problem.

Just a few ideas

10 embalagens criativas que transformaram um produto comum em algo sensacional

Soda Cups Here's a pretty fun optical illusion. It's a cup that looks like a bottle. Or maybe it's pregnant with a bottle? Fool your friends into believing that you're drinking out of a real live glass bottle! You must have some pretty gullible friends.

Packaging MockUp Octagon Pizza Box. Download here:

Packaging Mock up Octagon Pizza Box

Buy Packaging Mock up Octagon Pizza Box by on GraphicRiver. Octagon Pizza Box Packaging Mock Up Three PSD mock-ups of an Octagon shaped Pizza Box – great for Pizza branding .

Vesuvio Pizzeria Branding by Angelica Baini. Yumm pizza for lunch #packaging the team loves pizza #2014 top pin PD:

Packaging design Vesuvio Pizzeria Branding by Angelica Baini. Yumm pizza for lunch Packaging design