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Seek Feedback | Speech Tip #55 | Evermoore Films

Seek Feedback | Speech Tip #55 | Evermoore Films

Phone Interference | Wedding Speech Tip #58 | Sometimes paper is best. Using your phone during your speech can cause interference with the sound system. Plus, paper can’t go dead right before you get up! | www.EvermooreFilms.com

There are many good reasons not to use your phone during your speech. One very good reason is that holding your phone next to the microphone while giving your speech can create interference or R…

The Punchline | Wedding Speech Tip #36 | Evermoore Films | Don't forget to explain inside jokes so everyone else can share the humor. There's nothing like trying to laugh at a joke you don't understand.

We all love stories and jokes at a wedding. But it’s no fun to listen to a joke and not laugh or not “get it.” So as you’re preparing your wedding speech, be sure to …

What Do I Say? | Wedding Speech Tip #3 | Evermoore Films

In fact, for many guests the wedding toasts are the best part of the night.