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Artist: Cy Website: Tumblr | DeviantArt

Artist: Cy Website: Tumblr | DeviantArt

Kalos Elite Four by DashingHero on DeviantArt

Kalos Elite Four by LimeCatMastr.

FAKEMON: Dronkey, Tapesy by Master-Rainbow on DeviantArt

Fan Made Pokemon- Fakemon on WeLovePokemon - DeviantArt

193: Pricktile by on @DeviantArt

Name: Guractus (Gurafaito ( =Graphite) + Cactus) Species: Pencil Cactus Pokemon Type: Grass/Ground Ability: Skill Link / Water Absorb Height: Weight:

Mega Steelix -Concept- by on @deviantART

I really, really miss rival schools. there's still time left so plz attend! Skratchjams presents Rival Schools - the New ClassNEW .

Gimme the last slice of pepperoni pizza

One playstyle always associated with Giratina is stall. Being an already bulky Pokemon, Giratina can very easily snag one or two boosts from Calm Mind. Should it need recovery, Rest is there.

Ash Greninja Deep by on @DeviantArt

Don't misunderstand me but finally I did something that makes me feel complete as a Pokemon Fan Illustrator.

Pichu - The Spark, by on @DeviantArt

Similar to Pikachu, I envision The Spark to be similar to static electricity, or paralysis in RPGs or other video games, whereas Pikachu's thunder would. Pichu - The Spark