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The flash. Freaking love it!😻😻

the flash memes

:) I'm a glee and a super-girl and flash fan and a tiny bit of a normal person.

What I don't understand is where is the timequake?

Like tru dat yo (when I am trying to hold in the explosion of the biggest fangirl in the world, the gangsta in me comes out but I can't suppress the basic white girl, which may be a problem)<< This is like a perfect representation of paradise

Barry Allen (The Flash) VS Oliver Queen (The Arrow) | Baricity or Olicity? | Humor

The Best "Arrow" Memes So Far - Part 2

not gonna lie, despite my deep devotion to Coldflash & Olicity, an eensy part of me still wants Flashsmoak like WHOA

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Straight Outta Central City - The Flash season 2

I love how he made so many hilarious digs at himself in this episode

I love how he made so many hilarious digs at himself in this episode 🙃


"Not for killing you. The flash. Cisco, he isn't sorry he killed you because he must have had a good reason. Oh Harry you are a douche on 2 earths now.

#TheFlash #2x17 Well...

Another one of my fav scenes. Cisco being the main character.

I do this with every famous person I meet. Authors, mostly.<---i would but I've only ever met one famous person

This would be me honestly because I'm always like. "I'm going to talk to this famous person and then take a picture with them!" Me in reality: *stares at them like there some sort of god.

You’re not The Flash, Oliver. I know you wish you were – don’t we all? – but you aren’t. And, plus, red is NOT your color.

Just stick to your arrows Oliver XD