Kerstin Thompson Architects: Aesop Emporium

Aesop Emporium - Kerstin Thompson Architects - Melbourne, VIC, Australia - Photographed by Derek Swalwell - Image 4

Luciano Gerbilsky

Casa en Valle de Bravo por Luciano Gerbilsky

Architectural Digest spoke to David Rockwell, founder of design powerhouse Rockwell Group, about the interiors of the New York Edition hotel in Manhattan, his latest collaboration with hotelier Ian Schrager.

Tour the Rockwell Group–Designed New York Edition Hotel

“My favorite element is the stair. I’ve been obsessed with stairs ever since I came to New York. Ascending or descending into a room has a very emotional feel. This is a case where we got to create a particularly beautiful, graceful one.

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Image result for luxury hotel reception areas