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Do you know what your target customers are searching for on Google? Want some…

Business Owner Jose Angel Delgado published a press release titled: Infographic: Ultimate Keyword Research Secrets

History Of The Internet

The History of the Internet, Visualized Behold, the illustrious history of these here internets in convenient graphic timeline form. Who knew Pizza Hut played such a prominent role?

Social Media Explained. #socialmedia #marketing

Las redes sociales explicadas con café ~ Social media explained with coffee

SEO Basics How Google Determines Search Engine Results

SEO Basics: How Google Determines Search Engine Results

Small business owners invest a great deal of time and energy on creating content that ranks well in search results. With the right strategy, a business can easily outrank the competition, catching …

This pin is a great illustration of the changes in social media over the years. Social media has come a long way as have the ways in which it is used for marketing.  The Evolution of Social Media. RefugeMarketing.com

Infographic of the month – January 2014

The Evolution and top 10 game changers of Social Media an infographic. Social media refers to interaction among people in which they create, share.

Long-Tail Keywords: The Untapped Secret to Your Website’s SEO Success [Infographic]

Long-Tail Keywords: The Untapped Secret to Your Website’s SEO Success [Infographic

Take a look at this infographic that gives you insights on long-tail (narrow) queries and how to use them in your content marketing strategies:

SEO Made Simple Part 2: 5 Essential Factors to Rank Better in Google Search - The Elle & Company Collaborative

As creatives, we don’t have time to learn another highly technical discipline such as Search Engine Optimization. Besides, we’re creative enough to ma