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Blue Banded Butterfly  Papilio deiphobus deiphontes

Papilio deiphobus deiphontes Blue Banded Archival by Butterfly-Designs

Blue red cracker butterfly

I have spent more of my time as a photographer taking pictures of Butterflies and Moths than any other person, place or thing.


Gift Under 25 Real Framed Painted Jezebel Delias Hyparete Butterfly 2553

Lyropteryx apollonia is widely distributed throughout the tropical regions of South America including Colombia, western and southern Brazil, Peru, and Bolivia.

Urania leilus  Wingspan: 3 inches

Urania leilus Wingspan: 3 inches

Chorinea Faunus Ssp

Chorinea Faunus Ssp long tail real framed butterfly from Brazil in a Conservation insect gift displays by butterfly-designs. All of our real framed butterfly and insect conservation displays are hand made in the U.

Mourning Cloak Butterfly سبحان الله

Mourning Cloak Butterfly Range: All of North America south of the tundra to central Mexico; and peninsular Florida.

Apatura schrenkii The Mimathyma from Korea Beautiful Archival Conservation Insect Display

Dad's & Grad's Gift Rare Seafoam Blue Unusual Framed Butterfly Display 148 on Etsy.

Image result for cyclosia notabilis butterfly images

Image result for cyclosia notabilis butterfly images