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Body Count

Jason Voorhees leads the body count (including the remakes) Honrable mentions, Leatherface Pinhead Chucky Candyman Pennywise Jigsaw and the Leprechaun actually has 45 lmao whaddya know……on-screen victim kills.

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Can I get an Amen to that?!  Have a Fabulous weekend everybody!

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30 Extremely Funny Quotes

30 Extremely Funny Quotes

30 Extremely Funny Quotes-cause when a good horror movie is written uall feel like u got something in room with ya after being sent outside as a kid when possible intruders were messing round yep

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Enjoying watching Friday the 13 playthroughs, people can be so clever!

"How Would You Die in a Horror Movie?" Flowchart Quiz

"How Would You Die in a Horror Movie?" Flowchart Quiz

Now is the best time of the year to watch scary movies! Would you be the hero or would you be one of the victims that fall along the way? Take our quiz to find out how you would meet your untimely end in a horror film!