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Smiling Pitbull Puppy is Smiling fell in love with this unabashed smile.

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They say dog owners tend to look like their dogs, which is creepy enough. But what if those dogs – or the whole animal kingdom for that matter & . View Animals Looking into the Camera with Cheesy Smiles UPDATED" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor

The life, of a pit bull.... I feel bad for them, they aren't really bad animals! My aunt had one, and he was a sweetie, she got another one, and he is a scaredy cat!!

I am a firm believer in it being the owners fault for how pits are looked at! A small dog could be aggressive as well just depends how they grown up. I know many people with pits that are great family dogs!

I can NOT stop laughing when I see this pic.

Moose the Shar Pei. There's a Shar Pei where I volunteer and he's sooo cute! I think he's still a puppy; he's pretty tiny.


some people have nerve to try to tell me that pitbulls aren't smart dogs. my pitbull is the smartest dog out there so suck it. don't bully my breed.

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Any breed of dog can be mean if you train it to be. Any dog can snap to natural behaviors at certain times too. I dont think there is a single breed born mean though.

i LOVE this. touched my heart. i <3 my pit bull! people are the real monsters, not the pits...

Men are more dangerous than Pit Bulls. This is so true yet people still blame the dog. I have a Chiweenie that is far more dangerous than a pit that is raised correctly. They are a wonderful, loving dog.

The dog who has a pet rock.

My pet’s pet…

My dog has a pet rock. <--- well that is a really nice rock, I mean look at it. look at THAT rock, if you were going to have a pet rock, wouldn't you pick THAT one too? the dog has excellent taste.

Petey of The Little Rascals fame: one of the most adorable dogs in show biz. And he was a Pit Bull.

Petey the beloved Pit Bull - dog from the Little Rascals TV show. This is so true and so sad. Dogs are labeled bad because of their breed not because of their owner that made them bad. All dogs deserve a fair chance.

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I wish more people would give pit bulls a chance. It's not the breed, it's the person who raises the dog.

Show me that f*cker son

Show me that f*cker son

Funny pictures about Show me son. Oh, and cool pics about Show me son. Also, Show me son.


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