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Texas white victorian farmhouse // tin roof // pink door Design by Bailey McCarthy: Country Living April 2015

Inside a 105-Year-Old Victorian Farmhouse in Texas

Quilts, chintz, and checks? This Texas retreat proves that old-fashioned favorites are undeniably new again.

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Secret steps and lost lanes of Whitby brought to life (From Gazette & Herald) - Arguments Yard in Whitby in the 19th Century

c 1890 Arguments Yard Whitby North Yorkshire by Frank Meadow Sutcliffe. There are more yards to be seen in the book "Whitby yards through time" by Alan Whitworth.

Utterly beautiful portrait of a Mother and her daughters - all seven of them!  1912

A portrait of a Mother and her seven daughters don't often see people in these old photos that are beautiful by modern standards. These girls are unusually beautiful. Hard to guess which one is the mother.

Victorian era rooms - Beautiful fretwork!! www.steampunktendencies.com

Rescuing a Folk Victorian Family Home

Victorian Architecture - A fretwork spandrel by Cumberland Woodcraft demarcates the window bay in the newly added family room, where all surfaces are embellished with Victorian-era patterns. Ferns add to the Victorian air.

Ghosts of London - find the people hiding in the photograph.  #socialmedia #training cam 1870++

henripix: “ The Ghosts of Old London Above: A woman turns the corner into Wych St. Below: A relaxed gathering in Drury Lane.

Mother and daughter

Romantic old photographs of women circa 1900 in Edwardian cloth.Edwardian fashion by: Dollface and Dapper vintage clothes

I love Victorian Mourning dresses. HEATHER GABEL, VICTORIAN MOURNING DRESS by CHRISSY PIPER, via Flickr

In Victorian times mourning the death of a hustband involved wearing heavy, concealing, black clothing, and the use of heavy veils of black crêpe. The entire ensemble was colloquially known as "widow's weeds" (from the Old English "Waed" meaning "garment"