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Blessings to this little brother. To all of the people from St Lucia 🇱🇨 and the Caribbean :) PRODIGY: Ramarni Wilfred’s IQ is in the top one percentile, making him smarter than Einstein [Photo credit: Romford Recorder]


Example of Narcissistic Abuse: Pathological Lying (not showing positive stories and images)

Young black excellence

He was on Shark Tank and Daemon told him not to ask for backing and instead consulted with him and helped him get his ties into Neiman Marcus.

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She snuck the black power fist in there.

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Nah my crush told me he put lotion on cuz “ion wanna be ashy”

That and more. The accomplishment stands on its own.

Never forget they drained an entire swimming pool because Dorothy Dandridge stuck her toe in it. That is why Simone Biles is important.