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I already pinned this but am I the only that notices Nico sleeping on flowers and Reynas sleeping on grass?

Anonymous asked: could you please draw a Reyna? Maybe looking at the sky or something dramatic like that indigonite: I don’t know about you but a gigantic statue on top of an old temple looks pretty dramatic to me<<< nico sleeping in the background

The awesome people. Minus Octavian<<<< Why do so many people hate him? He's just confused

The Heroes of Olympus. I don't know why, but seeing all of them here, together in one photo made me start to tear up.


from above: Piper, Annabeth, Jason, Hazel and Percy. why does Percy sleep with those? <<< why DOESN'T Percy sleep with those? Where's Leo? And frank?

*whispers* Caleo *backs away into shadows* Caleo forever... Oh, you don't ship it? Go to Tartarus :)

*whispers* Caleo *backs away into shadows* Caleo forever. Go to Tartarus :)<<<BRUH, this isn't for Caleo ships. it's for Percy when he arrives on the island.