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Sonic’s Shakespearean Poem

via Pleated Jeans Can't argue with that! This Sonic Drive-In fast food restaurant in Texas goes straight for the jugular (or is it stomach?) with this gem of a poem: "Roses are red / so is ketchup / Have a corndog.

Oh my gosh this is hilarious!!  I never actually noticed that guy smiling in the background... creepy!

Get in the van. Laughing so hard! haha i can't say i love when boys smile at me mysteriously though.


Babysitting With Style

Funny pictures about Babysitting With Style. Oh, and cool pics about Babysitting With Style. Also, Babysitting With Style photos.

Hanging out with Fabio…

Just hanging out at Whole Foods with Fabio. Even though I hate whole foods.this pic is funny.

Funny pictures about Ellen on the importance of college. Oh, and cool pics about Ellen on the importance of college. Also, Ellen on the importance of college.

I have gotten this from a child before. Not as a teacher but a Youth Worker.

38 Things You Will Never Experience Again

I've done this so many time it's just so embarrassing. Yup like the amount of times I've called my teachers mom is not even funny ^~^