Samus Aran [Metroid] - Commission, LaceWingedSaby サビのレースの翼

Samus Aran [Metroid] - Commission, L a c e W i n g e d S a b y

Samus Aran, Zero suit, Metroid series artwork by Lace Wing Edsaby.

Metroid x Pacific Rim Crossover - Created by ZedEdge

pixalry: “Metroid x Pacific Rim Crossover - Created by ZedEdge ”

Samus Returns by yagaminoue

yagaminoue: “I wanted to make a painting to welcome the return of Metroid games, so here’s Samus and her suit getting ready for the next mission. Can’t wait for Prime ”



teke on Twitter: "漫画『サムスリターンズ・NGエンド』 #METROID… "

teke on Twitter: "漫画『サムスリターンズ・NGエンド』 #METROID… "

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i copy the pose from the fusion game. i just wanted to chanche the fusion suit to the prime one hope you like

sarrus: “ZERO Mission. Loving all the new Metroid attention. Cheers Nintendo. @nintendo ”

Not done a Metroid illustration in a long time. Seeing as Nintendo are dishing out some Metroid love, I thought I would too Done in Photoshop in abo.