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Grutzner, Eduard Theodor Ritter von Monk w Wine, IIa

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Художник Андрей Алексеевич Шишкин

Shishkin Andrey : Monk the brewer

Eduard von Grützner's Falstaff (1921)

Eduard Theodor Ritter von Grützner was a German painter and professor of art. He was especially noted for his genre paintings of monks.

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Габриэль Метсю. «Старый пьяница», 1658, (нидерл. Gabriel Metsu; 1629 - 1667). Рейксмузеум,  Амстердам.

Gabriel Metsu - The Old Drinker - 1658 - Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam Metsu's masterpiece moralistic on the perils of drunken debauchery, The Old Drinker

How to Drink Like a Saint - Crisis Magazine While researching Drinking With the Saints, I was looking for what drinks I could recommend on certain feast days of the liturgical year. What I did not expect to discover was a lesson in how to drink them. That lesson can be distilled into five key points. To... See: http://www.crisismagazine.com/2015/how-to-drink-like-a-saint

heckyeahorderofpreachers: “ Eduard von Grützner - was a German artist known for his genre paintings of monks and other clergymen, whom he usually depicted in a jovial manner enjoying a.

13 historical paintings of monks getting wrecked on booze

If there's two things we know about historical art, it's that babies in medieval paintings look like angry middle-aged men and that monks fucking love booze.