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5 DIY Projects to an Energy-Efficient Home via thetshirtmama.com #Reliant #energyefficiency #diy

5 DIY Projects to an Energy-Efficient Home via thetshirtmama.com #Reliant #energyefficiency #diy

A Great Reason To Have Energy Efficient Bulbs

Lighting is responsible for of Global Energy use.

Ecotricity drives down cost of green energy

Green energy company, Ecotricity, is undercutting the standard tariffs of the Big Six energy companies by supplying green electricity for less than the price of their standard 'brown tariffs' from October - edie news centre

How Can I Make Realistic But Easy Vampire Fangs?

How to Make Vampire Fangs at Home

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GMI Energy on

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Domestic Electricity Usage Distribution for Energy Conservation Tips

Save electricity and money. Here are energy conservation tips that will lower your electric bill significantly. Save money on utility bills with simple but efficient top energy saving tips.

Save $100 a year or more by finding and fixing these watt wasters

Energy Vampires

Electricity wasters in your home: Where Are the Watts Going? Some appliances use more power than others even when doing nothing. Until recently, manufacturers didn't worry about standby power because consumers didn't consider the cost.