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Las Aguas del Nilo

Egyptian Amulet ~ Pectoral of the Chief Ointment-maker Pa-nehersj. Two goddesses, Isis and Nephtys, praying to the scarab as a symbol of the sungod Ra.


The Egyptian scarab beetle is a very recognizable artifact. It has appeared in tombs, ancient Egyptian art, and even some very famous album covers.

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Egyptian Bracelet {Gorgeous!}

Egyptians are also know for their exquisite jewelry. Egyptian jewelry evokes the history and culture of the people who once brought us the magnificent pyramids

Ancient Egypt Jewelry

Ancient Egypt Jewelry - Just Imagine the training to master this jewelry crafting for the High Royals and the Elitism that must have went along with the position of being a top jewelry maker.

Chambre funéraire - gorgerin à l'image de la déesse-vautour Nekhabit - réalisé en or incrusté de cornaline et de pâtes de verre Elément central d'un gorgerin représentant la déesse-vautour Nekhabit

The vulture collar, the symbol of the protection of the goddess Nekhbet, found in the tomb of Tutankhamun (ruled ca.