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"Marvel Premiere" was the company's answer to DC's "Showcase." For two issues in 1972, he who was Him renamed himself Adam Warlock and set a new destiny on Counter-Earth, created by the High Revolutionary. Series creator (not necessarily character creator) Roy Thomas knows too much about Earth-Too in Marvel, having created the Squadron Supreme's parallel universe. Has artist Gil Kane (or art director John Romita) been spying on DC rumors regarding the Big Red Cheese?

First appearance of one of my favourite characters after his birth as "Him". Marvel Premiere 1 - the birth of Adam Warlock. A Gil Kane classic

Warlock no. 9 (Oct 1975)

Warlock 9 cover Jim Starlin and Weiss

Wanted Post: Marvel Mystery Comics #84 | FyndIt

Wanted Post: Marvel Mystery Comics

Favourite Comicbook Character: Warlock (nominee)

Warlock # 14 by Jim Starlin

Strange Tales #178 WARLOCK Jim Starlin (1st, Key) Marvel Comics 1st print 1975

Strange Tales #178 WARLOCK Jim Starlin (1st, Key) Marvel Comics 1st print 1975

Strange Tales (Feb cover by Jim Starlin.

Warlock Epic 4: Starlin turns everything on its head - "The Madness Monster"

Strange Tales Vol. 2 # 181 by Jim Starlin & Alan Weiss

Cover for The X-Men (Marvel, 1963 series) #102

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The Invaders Marvel Comics, featuring the menace of Warrior Woman, Nazi-engineered superhuman female threat to the Allies Cover by Gil Kane

Seventies Avengers

The Avengers # 87 - April 1971 - Featuring John Buscema and John Verpoorten Cover Art; Roy Thomas Story - The Origin of Black Panther.

Superaventuras Marvel n° 149 - Abril

Superaventuras Marvel n° 149 - Abril


The Games Factory 2

Avengers # 43 by John Buscema & George Roussos



Son of Satan

Dance With the Devil My Red-Eyed Son!" (February Cover by Gil Kane (pencils), Ernie Chan (inks), Danny Crespi (lettering).

King-Size Captain America #1

For sale captain america king size special 1 marvel comics silver age jack kirby artwork stan lee bucky origin tales of suspense emorys memories.

ebal - Pesquisa Google

ebal - Pesquisa Google

Before Captain Britain, Union Jack. Better costume.

Marvel 's "The Invaders" - Old School,