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Helly Drop! I WILL do that someday #snowboarding

Heliboard (the extreme sport of snowboarding after jumping out of a helicopter)

Scott Serfas at Whistler, Canada -Bryan Fox

Top 5 Extreme Sports that Should be Banned. Extreme sports are always dangerous, they're extreme for a reason.

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When there's this many options, decisions can be overwhelming, so opts for the faceplant, instead.

SkateSurf | @SingleFin_  wow would love to do this !

Skateboarding in the Ocean Talk about a fun way to skate. A vert ramp in the ocean. It’s skating and surfing put together!

Snowboarding i wish i could be as good as this, but most of the time I've ended up with my face actually in the trail :)

It's mid-July but I know some of you are day-dreaming of snowboarding or skiing. What are you planning for the winter season?