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If HE was the phantom of the opera I'd have killed off Christine a long time ago...

The most awesome illustration about Hei from the anime serie "Darker Than Black"

Darker Than Black. Best "dark" anime ever!

Darker Than Black,Hei darker than black hei masks anime anime boys wallpaper – Manga Wallpaper – Desktop Wallpaper

Аниме Ходячий замок Персонаж Хаул

Howl and Calcifer fan art; from Howl's Moving Castle, by orenji-kun on Deviantart

CODE GEASS: Hangyaku no Lelouch/#780029 - Zerochan

CLAMP, Sunrise (Studio), Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, Mutuality: Clamp Works In Code Geass, Suzaku Kururugi

D. Gray-Man | Lavi Bookman Jr.

Lavi (D. Gray Man) Guys never has my heart fluttered so fast for a real guy. What an anime character does this to me!


Ugh Kira you may be a mass murderer but why do you have to be sexy all the time *nosebleed intensifies* ugghhhh Death Note Light Yagami

"Does having an audience for your sins make you feel special? Does it make you proud?"

So I've been looking for anime to watch with a dark theme. Started with Corpse Party, now watching Hellsing.

darker than black- display img by ~Mao718 on deviantART

these days im drawing darker than black frequently love these three. darker than black- display img