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From left to right: Morticia (actress Carolyn Jones from the first Adams Family tv series)  Vampira (Maila Nurmi, a 1950s TV horror hostess) Lily Munster (actress Yvonne De Carlo from the sitcom The Munsters)  Morticia (actress Anjelica Huston from both Adams Family movies) Elvira (actress Cassandra Peterson who was a 1980's TV horror hostess and played in the Elvira movies)

Halloween-Queens of Darkness-Morticia Addams(Carolyn Jones), Vampira, Lily Munster, Morticia Addams(Anjelica Huston), and Elvira.

Horror Movie Masks, I love horror movies so much. I would die without my movies and music, my two biggest loves!

Friday the Halloween The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Scream Hannibal/The Silence of the Lambs Dark Night of The Scarecrow Alice Sweet Alice Town that Dreaded Sundown Saw

10 things you didn't know about horror movies

10 things you didn't know about horror movies (Before It, it’s probably gonna shatter some of those box office records)

Pandilla del terror

I have pinned this image because it is showing all of the classic monsters from the horror movie greats. It is brilliant to see them all in one picture like a family photo.