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I've only ever watched one episode of this show, but this is hilarious.

Psych - tv for snarky people. I love them! I just watched this episode!

This was one of the first Psych episodes I ever saw, and THIS LINE made me decide I should watch the entire series.

You guys believe in Karma, don't you? But only because we're karma chameleons. Nyna, Shawn and Gus. They're so awesome!

Gus is forever the nerdy sidekick loyal to the end because despite wanting to kill his best friend every once in a while, they're in it together. <3

Ohh Gus c; he is so hilarious. there is no way that I would like the show without Gus and Shawn together. Juliet takes a luuvah. Thats how your gonna play my boy?

Why I love Psych

Why I love Psych

Funny pictures about Why I Love Psych. Oh, and cool pics about Why I Love Psych. Also, Why I Love Psych photos.

Psych! I can't believe it's ending!!! October 1st 2016 will always be remembered❤️

I want this kind of friendship where I can be super weird and my friend rolls with it

And then Lassiter yells, "KNOCK IT OFF!"

Then one time while they're trying to get on tv, Lassiter turns and yells "stop!