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Hot off the press, we've just been sent in this picture of a Ferrari 458 Spider that's unfortunately run under the back of a truck in California just now

"Это провал...", подумал Штирлиц и... провалился...

"Это провал...", подумал Штирлиц и... провалился...

Citizens of Samara, in south east Russia, live in fear of the ground literally disappearing beneath them after huge sinkholes have started to appear all over their city, leaving devastation in their wake.


Štai kam reikalingas tikras draugas :D

@DowntownRob Marlbrough reviews San Diego's best transportation options.

More than 200 cars belonging to Uber drivers have been impounded by the City of Cape Town since the beginning of the year with City officials saying many Uber drivers do not have the required operating licences.

Mother fuckers.

Funny Workplace Ecard: Stupid me! So that's why I work so many hours, so you can collect welfare, wear pajamas in public and have an iPhone.

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Obama mogok di Israel

The downed 'Beast': President Obama's armored limo broke down in Tel Aviv this morning as it was headed to the airport after the driver mistakenly put gas in the tank instead of diesel

Range Rover Sport (2014) Review

Before the Range Rover Sport, these vehicles weren’t really even called cars. Range Rovers were simply amazing with the most luxury you could get in an offroad vehicle, which made[…]