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I put this because I love Sponge Bob. This Picture reminds me when I was little and I always watch this at home. I love this picture because this episode was really funny.

The best of SpongeBob SquarePants

Spongebob Squarepants Quotes of pure AWESOMENESS! Is it bad that I read every one of these in the voice of the character who said them and remembered every episode that each quote came from?

it's a boulder

Spongebob can't drive a boat. But he sure can drive a rock. (By the way, it's not a boulder.

i always remember this little part of this episode and crack up!!!

Me and my friends at school crack SpongeBob jokes a lot. Its usually this, "Leedle leedle leedle lee" Or "HE'S IN THE MAILBOX!

minus the bottom part


:O If I had the power to draw magical people who would come to life, I'd draw Tom Hiddleston and David Tennant and Benedict Cumberbatch and hide them under my bed! And feed them tea and cookies and pudding! :D I'D DO THE SAM THING



We need to make a theory about this! How are a sixteenth note and and the letter B related. And how does this reflect onto Spongebob?