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Look at yamja @42lawsofmaat_613commandments#orishas #voodoo #shango #yamaja #orishas

Look at yamja @42lawsofmaat_613commandments#orishas #voodoo #shango #yamaja #orishas

“Hara Ke’s themes are spring, weather, providence, harvest and growth.  Her symbols are seeds, soil, rain, water and dragon images.  An African Goddess of sweet water (which also equate…

Goddess Hara Ke - People in Namibia pull out all their garden tools and seeds and bless them today before the sowing season starts. This ensures a good harvest and plentiful rains, the water of Hara Ke’s spirit.

YEMAYA`. The White Goddess of the sea.Yemaya is traditionally kept in a blue flowered porcelain sopera (soup tureen) filled with water. She likes sea shells, fish, nets, sea horses, anchors, and everything related with the sea.

The white goddess of the sea There are prisms of light in the trees today, drops of rain that fell at night, and now the sun sparkles through them,