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Naked women groping each other isn't "nude modeling", it's soft porn. But hey, tomato tomahto, right? The party of "family values" my ass.

But somehow the Bigots and Racist of this country say Obama is the worst President ever...Wrong! Obama ranks up there with the Best! Any President who's been able to accomplish the MANY things he's done with the amount of Obstruction and Hatred thrown at him, is One Hell of a President!! What pisses Rotten Republicans off (besides his color) is through it all he's carried himself with Dignity, Integrity and Real Class! And....Scandal Free!! Obama is everything Republicans ARE NOT!!!

“How dare Republicans call themselves or their policies job creators. The facts are clear

A true republican: ego, hate and greed.  To be fair, the bankruptcies were his companies, not him personally.  I'm not sure why that makes it better.

How did this monster get created? The decades of GOP lies that brought us Donald Trump, Republica...

The three time divorcee, accused of raping his first wife, running in the party of "family values" and famous for the phrase "you're fired" said "I will be the best jobs president God ever created." When irony fucked stupidity, Donald Trump was born!

Don't bother commenting. It's not about which party did it, it's about the ignorance on both sides from people in general.

republicans - Human rights have never been a republican strength as it's not related to profits so much.

Ohhhh My - If you Don't know History, it can be REPEATED!

How religion and propaganda are used to keep voters captive to the greedy ideology of corrupt corporations and their paid, political puppets

Exactly #NativeAmerican #NativeAmericanrights

The natives (Hebrews) were here first. Funniest Donald Trump Memes: Trump and Palin: Speak American or Go Home.