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Jellyfish Chandelier

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I love watching Jellyfish swim, unless I'm in the water with them! The way jellyfish move through the water is beautiful, almost magical. The bodies of jellyfish are beautiful too, whether clear or brightly colored! Sea Anemones are pretty and.

Hanging Lamps That Look Like Jellyfish

Hanging Lamps That Look Like Jellyfish

Created by California-based Roxy Russell, the Medusae Collection is a series of four pendant lamps designed to look like freshwater jellyfish. The lights are made from polyester mylar and measure nearly three feet in height.

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Las mejores imágenes del mar y los océanos están aquí

Doesn't it look like a little blue mushroom?

A marine creature often misunderstood and feared, jellyfish are easily one of the most enchanting invertebrates of the sea. Found in every ocean, from the

Dried jellyfish contain collagen which may be helpful for the treatment of arthritis and visible signs of aging. All this suggests that while you're not going to become immortal like the Jellyfish, you will nevertheless gain some youthfulness as a result of eating them. Jellyfish are also harvested for their collagen and this can be used in many beauty products.

Fluorescent Jellyfishes Amazing fluorescent jellyfish shot in an aquarium of Rhenen's zoo in The Netherlands

AN image of a jellyfish captured off a small uninhabited Scottish island has scooped the top £5,000 prize in this year's British Wildlife Photography Awards.    The photograph taken by Richard Shucksmith from Shetland was snapped at Sula Sgeir, which means Gannet Rock, a remote island 41 miles north of Lewis that is home to a wide array of marine life.

The overall winning picture from the 2011 British Wildlife Photography Awards (BWPA) is this ethereal image of a jellyfish. It was captured by Richard Shucksmith at Sula Sgeir (meaning Gannet Rock); a small, uninhabited island 40 miles north of Lewis.



A project is tracking the phenomenon as global warming and over fishing boost numbers of the venomous sea creature.