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The depiction of the maze inside the This picture is based on the work of Mark Mayers: the human brain explains how the brain process information and stores memory.

human body : Cerebellum Anatomy   #anatomy #cerebellum

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Are we all, just a little bit {creatively} mad?!

I got: Right Side! Which Side Of Your Brain Is More Dominant?lol in real life my brain is actually right good job quiz people


word vintagevillacollezione.com villacollezionebout... - villacollezione

Street Art: A really interesting urban John Lennon Imagine mural. This graffiti appears to be fused to the wall creating a modern work of art while decorating a barren wall. We particularly enjoy uplifting and artistic expression.

Inferotemporal cortex: How the brain recognizes objects - http://scienceblog.com/80489/inferotemporal-cortex-how-the-brain-recognizes-objects/

Evidence That The Brain’s Inferotemporal Cortex Can Identify Objects

A verdade é crua e o humor é ácido.

28+ Imagens que criticam a sociedade de forma ácida, mas muito bem-humorada

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NOOR+ - Maras Guy - Mickaël has long been fascinated by Maras; I decided to turn him into one of them ! My muse Bénédicte chose a poem about love and death by Louise Labé and spent a few hours drawing carefully each word on his face

Psychology Mix Brain

Strong brands need to be exceptional at one thing than good at many things. Strong brands represent a single, simple, ownable, credible, highly valued and differentiated position in the minds of the target audience segment the brand serves.

Brain Logy (Some amazing facts about brain) #infografia #infographic

Brainology: 15 Intriguing Facts About Your Brain [Infographic]

The human body is an unsolved puzzle. And the human Brain? Perhaps the most tough riddle to be solved. Brain is a versatile organ functioning in the

I see humans, but no humanity | © Banksy

We declare the street as our canvas. Let the truth be written on the streets we grow and live on

你都能看懂嗎?深意諷刺的插畫 - 每日頭條

Polish artist Pawel Kuczynski has worked in satirical illustration since specializing in thought-provoking images that make his audience question their everyday lives. His subjects deal with …

Albert Camus on Happiness and Love, Illustrated by Wendy MacNaughton

Camus on Happiness and Love Art Print Another print by Wendy Macnaughton. collab with Maria Popova of Brainpickings