via | a gentlewoman ... I think that peonies & roses are my favorites!

I adore the nostalgic, old-fashioned, humble, heavenly-scented peony. So I merely had to choose among my many peony pins. This one came out on top. This is: Peony. It is my favorite pin on my board simply called: Flora.

I had a dream that my peonies looked like this.

I am currently waiting patiently for the peonies to bloom here in the Pacific Northwest. Oh, how I love the beauty of these evanescent blooms – the blushing femininity and endless layers of delicat…

love peonies. their heavy heads in my hand.  my mom used to grow them at our old house where she had cultivated these amazing flowers. i used to walk through and just run my hands over all the feathery petals of all the different flowers.  i miss that.

Sunday bliss..

my FAVORITE flower! I can't wait for them to be in bloom! Missed it last year with all the hectic wedding stuff.

English rose, Brother Cadfael One of the roses on my wish list - fortunately there's a nursery nearby where I can buy them. Brother Cadfael is also one of my favourite book characters.

My mom grew this type of peony.  They have the most heavenly scent.  My attempts to coax blooms have been less than steller!  No green thumbs on these hands.

FESTIVA MAXIMA heirloom peony My favorite Flowers are Peonys. My grandmothers garden was filled with them!

Honey of a Thousand Flowers - Journal

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