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One of the greastest phases we went through.

That was seriously the greatest phase we went through.

yup I'm waiting for the music video.

Pretty much. I felt bad that we leaked it, and kinda disrespected them, but then my finger accidently hit thesearch button, and then "we danced all night to the best song ever". sorry darlins.

hotter every year,didnt think that was even possible.♥  loveonedirection♥

flashback over the years.I didn't mentally prepare myself for this!

What on earth

Our fandom will never be this so called 'normal'. I mean seriously. We put their faces on animals and turn lyrics from "you only want me when I'm taken" to "you only want me when I'm bacon." We're crazy.

That is a brilliant idea! I should find a zayn look alike. Just so I can feel like I'm actually hanging out with him!

Aww but that's his close friend Eoghan Mcdermott

Hahaha just WHAT? Hazz, I have NO idea what half of your tweets mean, but they usually equal me bursting out laughing.

I understand the sausage part👌, but wtf is the muuuushrooom about?

#partyhard that's what I will be doing...>>>> This made me laugh really hard.

Seriously though! But this is actually better than my party. Which was nonexistent and with no silly string. So yeah party hard


Yeah, I don't know who in their right mind would want to do that to a crazy fandom like this.

This look is for her music video to her song 22. ("make fun of our ex's") Now if only she would act 22.

I don't know why I find this so funny, but I do hahahahaha

It's times like these we have to stick together & be a family. We love our Hazza & we have to support him in whatever he does <3

i mean as long as harry is happy im happy. its his life and his choice and a bunch of people agree. how do you hate on such a big part of your life

I fell in love with the boys on the stairs. The kids who don't care what people think of them, they just wanna have a good laugh <3

I became part of the fandom last year because I saw a clip of funny moments.than I listened to their Music

why is he cute! stop being cute! cause everyone wants you... including me :/

haha I have sandals from Japan because my uncle and aunt and a few cousins live there