Minipiano!  It's what inspired all those years of playing piano :)

Electron Echo Mini Piano

The Electron Echo mini piano was so cool. Who remembers the Electron Echo little mini pocket keyboard pianos ? I honestly have.

This made the best popcorn EVER! You put butter in the holder on top, and the heat of the popper melted it so that it buttered the popcorn as it this for Christmas one year

I remember putting butter in the holder on top, and the heat of the popper melted it so that it buttered the popcorn as it popped. Then you flipped it upside down and the lid became the bowl.

My mom would get one that the local drug store every year. She used it to write her work ours in.

Vintage Hallmark Betsey Clark 1975 Date Book. I believe my first address book was a Betsey Clark one.

Life Savers Christmas Book...we got one every year in our stocking!

Vintage Life savers story book interior -- A stocking stuffer staple.looked forward each Christmas for the Life Savers that I knew Santa would put in my stocking.

We fought over who sat in the backseat!!!

Sitting backwards in the station wagon. Our station wagon was pink, and we called this seat the "Way Back". Best seat in the car! Mom and Dad couldn't see what we were doing, and we got to wave at all the cars!

Old School Do You Remember?  waterbeds

the waterbed :) I had one of these almost my whole childhood, a queen size at the age of Lol! I didn't want bunk beds or a canopy, I wanted a water bed!

The song I remember most that Marc recorded:  Paul Simon's 50 Ways to Leave your Lover.  What year was that?!

Panasonic Cassette Tape Recorder with built in mic. I got this for my birthday in grade.I thought I was so cool! I could record songs off the tv and radio.Just be quiet!

vintage sugar panorama egg ~ I remember my grandma having some of these out at Easter time...

vintage sugar panorama egg my mom helped us make these from parts of old Easter cards.

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