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Lappuggla, Bornsjön, Sörmland, Juni 2012

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The Southern White-faced Owl is a fairly small owl in the family Strigidae. It is native to the southern half of Africa. The call is a series of fast, bubbling hoots uttered at night and frequently repeated. The Northern White-faced Owl has a very different two-note call.   Its range extends from Gabon eastwards to southern Kenya and southwards to Namibia and northern South Africa. It hunts for large invertebrates and some small mammals, birds and reptiles are also taken.

Southern White-faced Owl (Ptilopsis granti ) by Joachim Huber.

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A Barn Owl on a barn door. I like the contrast of the dark interior of the barn, and the colours of the door in this shot. I wish the barn owl was sligh.

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Carved Birds Carved Humming Birds, Raptors and Songbirds by Lona Hymas-Smith - Carved


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