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REM Island/Concrete, Houthhaven, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

REM Island / Concrete

Rem Island Pirate Radio Platform  which was built in the Republic of Ireland and towed off the Dutch coast in 1964 as the pirate broadcasting home of Radio and TV Noordzee.  Both stations were dismantled by the armed forces of the Netherlands. The artificial island was built in the harbor of Cork, Ireland and towed and anchored in cement on the seabed.  On August 12, 1964 a test broadcast was performed and on August 15 regular broadcasting started.  Today this platform is a restaurant.

REM Eiland in Amsterdam by Concrete Architects - jordan kushins :: writer

REM eiland. Restaurant at former pirate broadcast station in Amsterdam harbour.

Restaurant at former pirate broadcast station in Amsterdam harbour.

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5ef046fc04c4843200c0d21129262609.jpg (736×736)

A root system sprouts from the concrete foundations of this house installation that dangles from a crane.

Leandro Erlich's Pulled up by the Roots house dangles from a crane

Roots trail from house suspended above a construction site by Leandro Erlich

La Casa de Árbol más grande del Mundo

Arte y Arquitectura: La casa del Árbol más grande del mundo por Horace Burgess

The Minister’s Treehouse: A Tall Church Built Over 11 Years without Blueprints The Minister’s Treehouse in Crossville, Tennessee is a structure built by minister Horace Burgess

Bridge Beam Pool - This pool fills a beam like canal across the second floor of a residential home.

The cantilevered lap pool on top of Hemeroscopium House, a Spain residence by Ensamble Studio, seems to defy all rules of gravity.

Современная пристройка к фабрике во Франции

Современная пристройка к фабрике во Франции

d'houndt bajart leans library extension against brick façade - designboom

Office buildings on top of a former craneway in Amsterdam: Κraanspoor/ OTH

Kraanspoor / OTH Architecten

Kraanspoor by OTH Architecten, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Kraanspoor is a light-weight transparent office building of three floors built on top of a abandoned concrete crane way.


Shipping Container Homes - The Real Benefits

‘O’ de Squisito Boat House in Dubai by X Architects - MyHouseIdea

Grindbakken, Dok Noord, Gent, Belgium

Grindbakken, Dok Noord, Gent, Belgium