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Kai wants alone time with his Kyungsoo.. Ayieee :"

Hi there ^^ So, I was bored again :D I made video with some Kaisoo - D.O/Kai facts, and stuff :-) Thanks for watching ^×^

"Sehuna?" If that was purposely suppose to be a Korean statement that's improper grammar

keke Sehun must be so~ happy lol EXO is so cute Exo Sehun birthday keke but Tao shouldve made time freeze for him and Sehun will be like.

ctfu i am d.o man im always grabbin people's neck lol

The thought of that hand on the back of neck. My legs would probably give out.


[EXO facts] I feel like this was made up by ChanBaek shippers, but pinning…

Oh Sehun: I want to do this a be like: 'Bitch I'm fabulous'