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800px-Sow_with_piglet://Terry J. Holton, President en Chief Executive Officer van Seaboard Foods  Doel: Verhoging van toezicht en inspecties op varkensvlees boerderij waar dierenmishandeling is ongebreideld.

A school recently held a “pig rodeo” as part of a student pep rally. The pig was repeatedly spiked into the gymnasium as if it were a football. Tell this school that this type of animal abuse will not be tolerated.

Pig Watercolor Painting Giclee Print 8 x 10 Fine Art Piglet Nursery Art - Farm Animal Art

Pig Watercolor Painting Giclee Print 8 x 10 ( x 11 ) Fine Art Piglet Nursery Art - Farm Animal Art

Support Strict Punishment for Animal Abuse. Alabama prop to make cruelty a felony

New York City introduces animal abuser registry. Great, now we need a NATIONAL Animal Abuser registry

Toleranz und Respekt - Ich jetzt beispielsweise bin ein "sogenannter Heterosexueller". Trotzdem hatte ich noch nie welche Probleme, mit Lesben oder Schwulen. Im Gegenteil, oft wird man genau von diesen Mitmenschen einiges respektvoller behandelt, als von den vielen dauer-griesgrämigen Nörgler! Mehr Toleranz und gegenseitiger Respekt braucht unsere Welt und nicht Hass und Neid!

Petition: Don't deport me to a life of homophobia just because my fiancé isn't rich!

Tiger Pigs! The tiger lost her cubs soon after they where born and went into a deep depression. Soon after, a pack of piglets lost their mother, so they disguised the piglets as tigers and gave them to the tiger. Amazing, Isn't it?

A tiger mother lost her cubs from premature labor. Shortly after she became depressed and her health declined, so they wrapped up piglets in tiger cloth, and gave them to the mother tiger. She now loves these pigs and treats them like her babies:: aww!


Petition: Qatar: End World Cup Slavery and Let Nepal's Workers Mourn

Priscilla: The Cutest Pig on the Internet

Meet the most adorable, popular pig! She's pretty stylish, too - she loves to lay out on the beach and pose in her cute clothes!

animal kingdom by georgia

The reality of never being able to own a pet pig anytime soon kills me so much. Pigs are gods greatest creation. Having a piggy will make me/life complete. Ugh the struggles of not being able to have a pig.


stop the inhumane treatment of bears I can't believe the lenghts that people and races will go to, to be the next big thing! I also can't believe that there are enough people to create an.

An Ohio pet owner who allegedly left his starving, flea-infested animal tied to a tree for four years defended his actions by saying, "The dog is not a human." Jeremy Shane Tempe was arrested at his Middletown home on Sept. 27 after cops were told that the pooch was being mistreated at the property.

Ohio man ties starving dog to tree for 4 years, gets fined $25: cops

An Ohio pet owner who allegedly left his starving, flea-infested animal tied to a tree.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho buffalo

Kết quả hình ảnh cho buffalo

'It's just an animal' - Mark Leong - Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2010 : Wildlife Photojournalist Award - Winner

A captive Asiatic black bear is pumped for bile in a farm outside urban Hanoi. Photo: Mark Leong These photos are from an assignment for National Geographic Magazine entitled "Asia's Wildlife Trade"

Look at this amazing graphic collecting information on the deepest places on Earth. You know Russia drilled deeper than the Marianas Trench? And that was only one-third of the Earth's crust? And that sperm whales dive deeper than 3,000 meters and come up covered in wounds and sucker marks? Who knows whats down that deep!

A chart showing relative depths/heights of the sea and structures to scale