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Zita Spookachtig: waarom we soms iemand voelen die er niet is Nieuws Bizar

Here are 6 of the spookiest travel destinations around the world – places that will scare you silly and haunt your dreams for a very long time…you’ve been warned!

This haunted forest in Kempele Finland [2048997] [OC] #reddit

This haunted forest in Kempele, Finland [2048×997] [OC] #reddit

Upside view to the crown of  a common spruce, seen in a forest

WASHINGTON (AP) — More than 3 trillion trees now grow on Earth, seven times more than scientists previously thought. But it’s also trillions fewer than there used to be, a new study concludes.

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Деревья, которые помогут выжить в лесу. Если вы потеряетесь в лесу, деревья могут стать для вас главным источником пищи и топлива, равно как и прекрасны... - Андрей М - Google+

Western European broadleaf forests - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Post Apocalyptic

Bryce Dallas Howard The Village

Bryce Dallas Howard as Ivy Walker in The Village HD Wallpaper and background photos of The Village for fans of Bryce Dallas Howard images.

Pataskala Haunted Forest | 15 Haunted Acres of Dead Hoochies

Pataskala Haunted Forest | 15 Haunted Acres of Dead Hoochies

Earth’s Forests Are Broken | TakePart - YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Choose to use post-consumer goods, renewable resourced goods, and no virgin products. Reduce, ReUse, Recycle and Save Our Planet with every purchase you make! It DOES make a difference!

Earth’s Forests Are Broken Researchers find that critical forest habitats around the world have become increasingly fragmented, putting plants and wildlife (not to mention the planet) at risk.