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Borboleta/ Never have seen such a beautiful butterfly as this, the colors are amazing as is the design, God is great

Der Regenbogen Schmetterling

Found this and the first thing I thought of was our precious God. A rainbow is a sign of God to me and I thought this was beautiful. Wish I could see one in real life.

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Blue Morpho butterflies. "The genetic code that is responsible for the wings of a butterfly is also *the same gene code* for the beating of the human heart. [...] It seems like Nature discovered this information 300 million years ago and then She said to herself, 'I am going to store it and then one day I will use it for the human heart because that is where longing is, our deepest yearnings are, where love is, compassion is.'" ~Deepak Chopra

How beautiful! Blue morpho butterflies congregate on a tree. There are over 80 species of butterflies in the genus Morpho. They are tropical butterflies found mostly in South America as well as Mexico and Central America.

Pretty Butterfly

Butterfly in green NC Museum of Life and Science. This is the underside of the Blue Morpho (Morpho peleides).

Eu desejo muito tá com você, só que não vc me quê pra vc de longe! Eu já te amo de longe sem chegar muito perto de você! O que de fato eu quero é que esteja presente em minha vida que saia um pouco comigo sem muita cerimônia que seja livre quando estiver ao meu lado e esteja completa assim como sou com você, permita que toque um pouco seu coração!

Blue Butterfly on a Pink Flower – Amazing Pictures - Amazing Travel Pictures with Maps for All Around the World

Colorful+Butterflies | stressed in the city: Malay Lacewing

stressed in the city: Malay Lacewing Photo by milai Taken in Siquijor's Butterfly Garden,Manilla

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'schmetterling' von Andy Warhol (1928-1987, United States)

Andy Warhol Endangered Species: San Francisco Silverspot, screenprint on Lenox Museum Board, signed in pencil, x cm. The first in a series of live and online auctions to raise money.

Spoon-wing Lacewing

Chasmoptera hutti It is always a delight to find these lacewings fluttering around the plants. Very little is known about its eating habits or what its larvae look like.