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I'm going about this pin from a conflict perspective. It's a woman's body, life, and choice what she wants to do with her body and who resides in it. Since the vast majority of politicians are white males and unable to even carry a child, they have no right telling a woman wether or not they should have a baby.

I think abortion should be a personal decision and not a legal debate because it is something that i think is a private issue in someones life and not something that the government should try to control or limit.

Getting rid of abortion doesn't get rid of the reasons someone might want one.  If it's something we truly want to stop, we have to eliminate the cause.

If you wanted to prevent abortions, you'd work to prevent unplanned & unwanted pregnancies. Y'know, like pro-choicers do.


Leeds Postcard Double Standards-ever been unsure about what they are or what that means? THIS is exactly it.

http://www.adoptamericanetwork.org/waiting-children/ http://www.adoptuskids.org/meet-the-children        -- I've never referred to people who are against abortion as "pro-life" I've always called them "anti-choice" -- because they really don't care about the children once they're born!!!!!

Breeding is an option, not an obligation. If I knew my mom would chase success if I weren't born, I'd give it all up. When I'm gone, it'll be exactly the same as having not yet been conceived anyway.