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Charlie Watts, Paris 1965. Photo by teen autograph hound,Paul Bogaert.

The Rolling Stones

Charlie Watts, Paris Photo by teen autograph hound,Paul Bogaert.

Was it love at first sight? ‘Well, it was obviously very sexual, and I suppose that’s love as well. I just,’ he hesitates, ’ wanted her, I suppose. She was so funny and clever, and she had the most infectious laugh you’d ever heard. And I loved the world she was in, the world of art and sculpting. I just admired Shirley very, very much.’ He smiles. ‘I still do.’

1964 Rolling Stone drummer Charlie Watts married Shirley Shepherd - they are still married today 50 years later!

Charlie Watts. My favorite Rolling Stone & one of top five drummers!

Born: June 1941 ~ Charles Robert "Charlie" Watts is an English drummer, best known as a member of The Rolling Stones. Originally trained as a graphic artist, he started playing drums in London’s rhythm and blues clubs. Spouse: Shirley Ann Shepherd (m.